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Optima Trial

The Optima trial is a large-scale multisite interventional study.


Prevention and treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD) has become an urgent public health priority in Canada.

Although methadone has long been the standard of care for the treatment of opioid use disorder in Canada, there is growing consensus that the superior safety profile of buprenorphine/naloxone, as well as other comparative advantages, supports its use as a first-line therapy for opioid use disorder. The OPTIMA trial aims to evaluate these two treatment options within a Canadian practice‐based framework, generating evidence that is directly relevant to a recognized national priority in public health.


Evaluate and compare the effectiveness of two different models of care for the treatment of prescription opioid use disorders (methadone and buprenorphine/naloxone) to improve patient care.

In Quebec

Randomized participants (QC)
Participants completed the study protocol (QC)

Steering committee

  • Cameron Wild, PhD
    Cameron Wild, PhD Prairies NPI
  • Evan Wood, MD, PhD
    Evan Wood, MD, PhD British Columbia NPI
  • Julie Bruneau, MD, MSc
    Julie Bruneau, MD, MSc Quebec-Atlantic NPI
  • Jurgen Rehm, PhD
    Jurgen Rehm, PhD Ontario NPI

Regional principal investigators

  • Bernard Le Foll, MD, PhD
    Bernard Le Foll, MD, PhD Ontario Node
  • Didier Jutras-Aswad, M.D., M.Sc. Quebec-Atlantic Node - Lead RPI
  • Eugenia Socias, MD
    Eugenia Socias, MD British Columbia Node
  • Keith Ahamad, MD
    Keith Ahamad, MD British Columbia Node
  • Ronald Lim, MD
    Ronald Lim, MD Prairies Node

National Team

  • Aïssata Sako
    Aïssata Sako Program Director
  • Jill Fikowski, MPH
    Jill Fikowski, MPH National Research Coordinator

Clinical research coordinators

  • Amel Zertal, MSc
    Amel Zertal, MSc Clinical Research Coordinator - Quebec-Atlantic Node
  • Angela Wallace
    Angela Wallace Clinical Research Coordinator - Prairies Node
  • Benita Okocha, MSc
    Benita Okocha, MSc Clinical research coordinator - BC node
  • Leanne Trick, MSc, PhD
    Leanne Trick, MSc, PhD Clinical Research Coordinator - Ontario Node

For more information

For information about the Optima study, please contact your regional node:

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