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Implantation at the CHUM of the Extension Community Healthcare Outreach model for continuing medical education for frontline health professional

Status: Ongoing


The ECHO® (Extension Community Healthcare Outreach) model was developed in 2003 by the University of New Mexico in the United States. It is a real revolution in medical education and brings together through multipoint videoconferencing community-based professionals and an expert multidisciplinary team who helps them manage their patient cases via mentoring and feedback. 

Partners learn best practices through co-management of diverse patients in real-world situations. Over time, these learning loops create deep knowledge, skills and self-efficacy. This hub and spokes approach generates force multiplication; patients are treated without delay, right where they live and according to best-practice care. 

In April 2017, we launched at the CHUM in partnership with the integrated University of Montreal health network (RUISSS) the first telementoring ECHO program in Quebec in order to optimize hepatitis C treatment uptake. Two programs were since launched at the CHUM, ECHO Chronic pain, ECHO Mental Health and addiction; two are currently under preparation (opioid substitution therapies and indigenous communities).


  • Promote the implantation of the ECHO model in Quebec by identifying facilitators and barriers to the development of various ECHO programs and by evaluating the benefits of the ECHO Hepatitis C program, precursor of the model in Quebec.


Principal Investigator


  • Claire Wartelle-Bladou MD


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