What is community liaison?

Have a personalized link between the community and front-line organizations, the people they serve and collaborators outside of this environment. A research and community liaison assistant has the responsibility of providing insight and expertise unique to the lived experience to optimize the reach of the project among the population of interest.  The lived experience is complimented by professional experience and training.

Why is it important in substance use research?

Inclusive research practice requires that persons with lived experience are included and integrated at all phases of the research. 

In addition to the research participant and persons with lived experience on ethics boards and researcher applicant teams, having a research assistant with lived experience optimises data collection, recruitment, retention and accrual processes. The pragmatic dimension of their presence and knowledge contributes to building and strengthening meaningful relationships with community groups and grasping real-world challenges in a timely manner. 


The mandate includes:

  • Strengthen the Bruneau Lab and CRISM substance use support and action community network in  the greater Montreal area;
  • Optimize the recruitment and retention strategies
  • Diversify participant pool 
  • Identify the difficulties that can arise from community partners, stakeholders and participants not understanding research protocols or carrying out certain research activities, and participate in the process of proposing winning and realistic solutions
  • Provide access to timely information on research projects
  • Facilitate data collection initiatives amidst barriers ( COVID-19)
  • Participate in activity related to knowledge mobilization and transfer


For more information

To contact our community liaison assistant: isabelle.boisvert.chum@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

For general information: icras.crism.qm@gmail.com

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