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M2 HepPrEP is a multi-site multi-setting randomized controlled trial of integrated HIV prevention and HCV care for persons who inject psychoactive substances.


The opioid crisis in North America comes with a multitude of health consequences, including recent HIV and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) outbreaks. These viruses are major contributors to morbidity and mortality among persons who inject substances (PWIS). As PWIS often have poor linkage to care, high attrition and low suppression rates, a key question for implementation research is how to best integrate HIV prevention and HCV care for PWIS.

In collaboration with researchers from Columbia University and the University of Miami, a hybrid effectiveness-implementation randomized controlled trial was proposed. Two implementation strategies of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and HCV treatment integration among HIV-negative PWIS were to be evaluated.

  1. On-site integrated care (PrEP initiation and HCV treatment).
  2. Off-site referral with patient navigation to specialized care.


HIV-negative PWIS are recruited from:

  • 2 cities: Miami, Florida and Montreal, Quebec;
  • Opioid substitution therapy venues and syringe exchange programs.


This research project aims to demonstrate how structural and organizational factors interact with PrEP and HCV treatment uptake and adherence and will be generalizable to diverse jurisdictions and settings.


Principal Investigators

Co-Investigators (Montreal)

Project Coordinators (Montreal)

  • Aïssata Sako, CRCHUM
  • Rania Khemiri, CRCHUM


Martel-Laferrière, V., Feaster, D. J., Metsch, L. R., Shackman, B. R., Loignon, C., Nosyk, B., Tookes, H., Behrends, C. N., Arruda, N., Adigun, O., Goyer, M. E., Kolber, M. A., Mary, J. F., Rodriguez, A. E., Yanez, I. G., Pan, Y., Khemiri, R., Gooden, L., Sako, A., & Bruneau, J. (2022). M2HepPrEP: study protocol for a multi-site multi-setting randomized controlled trial of integrated HIV prevention and HCV care for PWID. Trials, 23(1), 341. https://doi.org/10.1186/s13063-022-06085-3

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