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Evaluation of the Managed Alcohol Program (MAP), a clinical pilot program of Projets autochtones du Québec (PAQ).


People experiencing homelessness are often affected by multiple health problems and are in need psychosocial services as well as healthcare. While Indigenous people make up only 0.6% of Montreal’s population, 10% of people experiencing homelessness are said to be Indigenous.

The increased demand for shelter during the pandemic had increased the need for PAQ to develop the Managed Alcohol Program for the urban Indigenous community of Montreal, offering a long-term accommodation and other complementary services based on Indigenous cultures and values. This program, which was implemented in partnership with the CHUM Addiction Medicine Service, provides stable accommodation as well as the administration of precise, individualized doses of alcohol based on the participants’ needs and established protocols.


This project aims to assess the feasibility of the Managed Alcohol Program for Montreal’s Indigenous population experiencing homelessness and to gain feedback from participants from the initial pilot project.

Principal Investigator



  • Manuela Mbacfou, MSc (CRCHUM)


Chaire de recherche en partenariat Sentinelle Nord en approches écosystémiques de la santé | Unités de recherche | Université Laval

Pour plus d’information à propos de ce projet d’évaluation,  veuillez contacter Manuela Mbacfou à manuela.mbacfou.temgoua.chum@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

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