The 4th edition of the Research Development Program

Created from informal consultations with members about the increasing challenges of accessing granting competition ( more applicants, less funds),the Research Development Program aims to support CRISM QA node members in the development of research projects and protocols that seek to

  1. improve the practices (prevention or treatment) for groups and people affected by problematic use of opioids and other substances, and
  2. contribute to the field’s knowledge with new evidence.

RDP Summer 2019

Targeted Research Areas

The 2019 Research Development Program will focus solely on one of the two following CIHR priority research areas:

Women: Research has shown that women experience substance use, addiction, and treatment differently than men. While women-specific substance use research and gender-responsive treatment strategies have dramatically increased over the last 15 years, there is a need to better understand and better serve this under-represented population.

To encourage research projects to fulfill the CIHR mandate and contribute to this research area, the 2019 Research Development Program seeks to support research projects that address and have implications on women as it relates to the intervention of problematic substance use.  

Indigenous Populations (i.e., First Nations, Inuit, and Metis): The 2019 Research Development Program seeks to support Indigenous community-based research and/or research projects that address Indigenous Populations as it relates to the intervention of problematic substance use.

Proposed research projects are expected to:

  • Ensure inclusion of Aboriginal values and cultures in research;
  • Develop ethical and impactful partnerships between Indigenous communities and researchers;
  • Increase awareness, capacity, and relevance of Indigenous health research that improves the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples;
  • Add value to the research through the use of Indigenous culturally-relevant theoretical and conceptual frameworks, and Indigenous culturally-appropriate research protocols, including Indigenous methodologies; and
  • Support Indigenous community-based health research that reflects the priorities and values of Indigenous peoples.


Categories of Admissible Research Activities

Applicants are invited to submit a concept sheet proposal to obtain financial support in order to:

  1. Generate preliminary data or structuring activities (for example, inter-sectoral consultations, collection, or organization of data) related to the development of a new research protocol (category 1);
  2. Develop a new research protocol for submission to a recognized granting agency (category 2); or
  3. Improve a research protocol that has already been submitted, well assessed but has not received the funding requested in the competition (category 3).

A maximum of $10,000 can be awarded to an emerging project proposal (category 1 or 2). A maximum of $15,000 can be awarded to a promising project proposal (category 3). Number of awards will depend on funds available.


Deadline to Submit Your Research Proposal application

Interested candidates should forward any inquiries to and submit the research proposal form by Monday, September 23rd, 2019 before 4 pm (EST).

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