RQSHA Funding opportunities

These opportunities are available to members of the RQSHA.

1) Request for applications from the Early-Life Adversity, Emotional/Behavioural Regulation and Psychopathology strategic group

The Early-Life Adversity, Emotional/Behavioural Regulation and Psychopathology Strategic This PhD partial stipend aims to support the utilization of a new platform developed by the Quebec Network for Suicide, Mood Disorders, and Related Disorders (RQSHA). This new platform is directed by Professors Michel Boivin and Jean-Philippe Gouin and is a genotyping database collected from a sample of children (Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development; 931 children followed from birth through adolescence). The database includes nearly 590,000 genetic variants for each study participant.

The student who receives funding through this partial stipend will conduct doctoral work in coordination with the directors of the platform to study genetic and environmental risk factors for poor emotional/behavioural regulation and for early indicators of psychopathology.

The fellowship will be awarded to a student member of the RQSHA whose supervisor(s) must also be RQSHA members. The deadline for this call is August 15, midnight.

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2) Support of training and knowledge dissemination

The RQSHA is offering travel awards for students from the network who are interested in participating in conferences or training events. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

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