Node Executive Steering Committee

The Quebec-Atlantic Steering Committee, chaired by Dr. Julie Bruneau and including all Principal Investigators (PI), defines priorities and oversees the development and implementation of the Node’s program and activities. Within this committee, the Atlantic Scientific Delegate has the role of facilitating the communication of the Atlantic’s specific needs and priorities between the steering committee and the Atlantic node members.

Julie Bruneau, MD, MScCRCHUM – Nominated Principal Investigator (NPI)
Patricia Conrod, PhDCRCHUM – Steering committee PI
Didier Jutras-Aswad, MD, MScCRCHUM – Steering committee PI
Janusz Kaczorowski, MA, PhDCRCHUM – Steering committee PI
Gilles Lavigne, DMD, MSc, PhDUniversité de Montréal – Steering committee PI
Michel Perreault, PhDMcgill University – Steering committee PI
Sherry Stewart, PhDDalhousie University – Steering committee PI
Atlantic Scientific Delegate – Chair of the Atlantic Advisory Committee
VacantSteering Committee PI
VacantKnowledge user

Atlantic Advisory Committee

The Atlantic Advisory Committee, will facilitate communication between the Executive Steering Committee, the Atlantic Scientific Delegate, and node members in the Atlantic region. This committee will translate and transmit priorities unique to the Atlantic, and create links between Quebec, CRISM national and international partners to regional collaborators.

Sherry StewartChair
Jennifer SwansburgAtlantic Project Coordinator
Aïssata SakoProgram Director – Quebec-Atlantic Node
Mark AsbridgeCommittee Member
Caroline BrunelleCommittee Member
Selene EtchesCommittee Member
Cindy MacIsaacCommittee Member
Amanda HudsonCommittee Member
Gerard YetmanCommittee Member

National Scientific Advisory Commitee

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) consists of a minimum 3 and a maximum of 6 international experts with diverse experience in substance misuse intervention research. SAC recruitment will be coordinated by the Nominated Principal Investigators (NPIs) of the CRISM network.

Wim van den BrinkUniversity of Amsterdam
Todd KorthuisOregon Health & Sciences University
Barbara BroersGeneva University Hospitals
Mark AsbridgeCommittee Member
Edward NunesColumbia University Medical Center
Jeffrey SametBoston University

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