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Emergency Department-Initiated Interventions for Patients With Opioid Use Disorder: A Systematic Review

J Kaczorowski, J Bilodeau, A Orkin, K Dong, R Daoust, A Kestler


Impact of substance use and mental health comorbidity on health care access in Canada.
G Dao, C Brunelle, D Speed

Client characteristics and substance use patterns in different models of methadone maintenance therapy (MMT).
K MacNeill, C Brunelle, E DiTommaso, B Skelding

Effectiveness of Prescription Monitoring Programs in Reducing Opioid Prescribing, Dispensing, and Use Outcomes: A Systematic Review.
MN Wilson, JA Hayden, E Rhodes, A Robinson, M Asbridge

The effectiveness of prescription drug monitoring programs at reducing opioid-related harms and consequences: a systematic review.
E Rhodes, M Wilson, A Robinson, JA Hayden, M Asbridge

Associations between housing stability and injecting frequency fluctuations: findings from a cohort of people who inject drugs in Montréal, Canada.
Fortier E, Sylvestre MP, Artenie A, Minoyan N, Jutras-Aswad D, Roy É, Grebelyg J, Bruneau J.

Prevalence of Injecting Drug Use and Coverage of Interventions to Prevent HIV and Hepatitis C Virus Infection Among People Who Inject Drugs in Canada.
Jacka B, Larney S, Degenhardt L, Janjua N, Høj S, Krajden M, Grebely J, Bruneau J.

Global patterns of opioid use and dependence: harms to populations, interventions, and future action.
Degenhardt L, Grebely J, Stone J, Hickman M, Vickerman P, Marshall B, Bruneau J, Altice F, Henderson G, Rahimi-Movaghar A, Larney S.

Strategies to reduce drug-related harm: responding to the evidence base.
Degenhardt L, Wolfe D, Hall W, Hickman M, Chang J, Bruneau J, Farrell M, Griffiths P.

Specificity of personality relationships to particular forms of concurrent substance use among methadone maintenance therapy clients.
Mahu IT, Conrod J, Barrett SP, Sako A, Swansburg J, Lawrence M, Laroque F, Morin JF, Chinneck A, Nogueira-Arjona R, Stewart SH.

Retrospective and prospective assessments of gambling-related behaviors across the female menstrual cycle.
Joyce KM, Hudson A, O’Connor RM, Goldstein AL, Ellery M, McGrath DS, Perrot TS, Stewart SH.

Gambling Problem Trajectories and Associated Individuals Risk Factors: A Three-Year Follow-Up Study Among Poker Players.
Dufour M, Morvannou A, Brunelle N, Kairouz S, Laverdière É, Nadeau L, Berbiche D, Roy É.

Dietary Sodium and the Health of Canadians.
Campbell NRC, Bacon S, Pipe A, Grace SL, Arango M, Raine K, Kaczorowski J.

Mesolimbic connectivity signatures of impulsivity and BMI in early adolescence.
Sharkey RJ, Bourque J, Larcher K, Mišić B, Zhang Y, Altınkaya A, Sadikot A, Conrod P, Evans AC, Garavan H, Leyton M, Séguin JR, Pihl R, Dagher A.

A Population-Based Analysis of the Relationship Between Substance Use and Adolescent Cognitive Development.
Morin JG, Afzali MH, Bourque J, Stewart SH, Séguin JR, O’Leary-Barrett M, Conrod PJ.

Mega-Analysis of Gray Matter Volume in Substance Dependence: General and Substance-Specific Regional Effects.
Mackey S, Allgaier N, Chaarani B, Spechler P, Orr C, Bunn J, Allen NB, Alia-Klein N, Batalla A, Blaine S, Brooks S, Caparelli E, Chye YY, Cousijn J, Dagher A, Desrivieres S, Feldstein-Ewing S, Foxe JJ, Goldstein RZ, Goudriaan AE, Heitzeg MM, Hester R, Hutchison K, Korucuoglu O, Li CR, London E, Lorenzetti V, Luijten M, Martin-Santos R, May A, Momenan R, Morales A, Paulus MP, Pearlson G, Rousseau ME, Salmeron BJ, Schluter R, Schmaal L, Schumann G, Sjoerds Z, Stein DJ, Stein EA1, Sinha R, Solowij N, Tapert S, Uhlmann A, Veltman D, van Holst R, Whittle S, Wright MJ, Yücel M, Zhang S, Yurgelun-Todd D, Hibar DP, Jahanshad N, Evans A, Thompson PM, Glahn DC, Conrod P, Garavan H; ENIGMA Addiction Working Group.

Grey Matter Volume Differences Associated with Extremely Low Levels of Cannabis Use in Adolescence.
Orr C, Spechler P, Cao Z, Albaugh M, Chaarani B, Mackey S, D’Souza D, Allgaier N, Banaschewski T, Bokde ALW, Bromberg U, Büchel C, Burke Quinlan E, Conrod P, Desrivières S, Flor H, Frouin V, Gowland P, Heinz A, Ittermann B, Martinot JL, Martinot MP, Nees F, Papadopoulos Orfanos D, Paus T, Poustka L, Millenet S, Fröhner JH, Radhakrishnan R, Smolka MN, Walter H, Whelan R, Schumann G, Potter A, Garavan H.

A Review of Personality-Targeted Interventions for Prevention of Substance Misuse and Related Harm in Community Samples of Adolescents.
Edalati H, Conrod PJ.

A Neuroethics Backbone for the Evolving Canadian Brain Research Strategy.
Illes J, Weiss S, Bains J, Chandler JA, Conrod P, De Koninck Y, Fellows LK, Groetzinger D, Racine E, Robillard JM, Sokolowski MB.

How to help homeless youth suffering from first episode psychosis and substance use disorders? The creation of a new intensive outreach intervention team.
Doré-Gauthier V, Côté H1, Jutras-Aswad D, Ouellet-Plamondon C, Abdel-Baki A.

Hepatitis C elimination among people who inject drugs: Challenges and recommendations for action within a health systems framework.
Day E, Hellard M, Treloar C, Bruneau J, Martin NK, Øvrehus A, Dalgard O, Lloyd A, Dillon J, Hickman M, Byrne J, Litwin A, Maticic M, Bruggmann P, Midgard H, Norton B, Trooskin S, Lazarus JV, Grebely J; International Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users (INHSU).

The evolving drug epidemic of prescription opioid injection and its association with HCV transmission among people who inject drugs in Montréal, Canada.
Bruneau J, Arruda N, Zang G, Jutras-Aswad D, Roy É.

Priorities and recommended actions for how researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and the affected community can work together to improve access to hepatitis C care for people who use drugs.
Day E, Broder T, Bruneau J, Cruse S, Dickie M, Fish S, Grillon C, Luhmann N, Mason K, McLean E, Trooskin S, Treloar C, Grebely J.


Management of opioid use disorders: a national clinical practice guideline.
Bruneau J, Ahamad K, Goyer ME, Poulin G, Selby P, Fischer B, Wild C, Wood E; on behalf of the CIHR CRISM

A prospective observational study of problematic oral cannabinoid use.
Ware MA, Martel MO, Jovey R, Lynch ME, Singer J.

Association between binge drug use and suicide attempt among people who inject drugs.
Fournier C, Ghabrash MF, Artenie A, Roy E, Zang G, Bruneau J, Jutras-Aswad D.

Associations between self-reported lifetime history of traumatic brain injuries and current disability assessment in a population sample of Canadian adults.
Ilie G, Adlaf EM, Mann RE, Ialomiteanu A, Hamilton H, Rehm J, Asbridge M, Cusimano MD.

Changes in coping and social motives for drinking and alcohol consumption across the menstrual cycle.
Joyce KM, Hudson A, O’Connor R, Thompson K, Hodgin M, Perrot T, Stewart SH.

Characteristics and response to treatment among Indigenous people receiving injectable diacetylmorphine or hydromorphone in a randomised controlled trial for the treatment of long-term opioid dependence.
Oviedo-Joekes E, Palis H, Guh D, Marchand K, Brissette S, Lock K, MacDonald S, Harrison S, Anis AH, Krausz M, Marsh DC, Schechter MT.

Distinct pathological profiles of inmates showcasing cluster B personality traits, mental disorders and substance use regarding violent behaviors.
Dellazizzo L, Dugré JR, Berwald M, Stafford MC, Côté G, Potvin S, Dumais A.

Does shyness interact with peer group affiliation in predicting substance use in adolescence?
Lemyre A, Poliakova N, Vitaro F, Tremblay RE, Boivin M, Bélanger RE.

Drinking to cope with depression mediates the relationship between social avoidance and alcohol problems: A 3-wave, 18-month longitudinal study.
Collins JL, Thompson K, Sherry SB, Glowacka M, Stewart SH.

Driving under the influence behaviours among high school students who mix alcohol with energy drinks.
Wilson MN, Cumming T, Burkhalter R, Langille DB, Ogilvie R, Asbridge M.

Examining the Association Between Psychiatric Disorders and Cocaine Binges: Results From the COSMO Study.
Juteau LC, Roy É, Berbiche D, Arruda N, Bruneau J, Jutras-Aswad D.

Formal and Informal Control of Cannabis: Regular Users’ Experience.
Brochu S, Lépine P, Patenaude C, Erickson P.

High and escalating levels of cocaine intake are dissociable from subsequent incentive motivation for the drug in rats.
Allain F, Bouayad-Gervais K, Samaha AN.

Impact of sex work on risk behaviours and their association with HIV positivity among people who inject drugs in Eastern Central Canada: cross-sectional results from an open cohort study.
Campeau L, Blouin K, Leclerc P, Alary M, Morissette C, Blanchette C, Serhir B, Roy E; SurvUDI Working Group.

Mood-Induced Drinking in Coping with Anxiety-Motivated and Socially Motivated Drinkers: a Lab-Based Experiment
Collins JL, Pencer A, Stewart SH.

Needle and syringe programmes and opioid substitution therapy for preventing HCV transmission among people who inject drugs: findings from a Cochrane Review and meta-analysis.
Platt L, Minozzi S, Reed J, Vickerman P, Hagan H, French C, Jordan A, Degenhardt L, Hope V, Hutchinson S, Maher L, Palmateer N, Taylor A, Bruneau J, Hickman M.

Sofosbuvir and velpatasvir for hepatitis C virus infection in people with recent injection drug use (SIMPLIFY): an open-label, single-arm, phase 4, multicentre trial.
Grebely J, Dalgard O, Conway B, Cunningham EB, Bruggmann P, Hajarizadeh B, Amin J, Bruneau J, Hellard M, Litwin AH, Marks P, Quiene S, Siriragavan S, Applegate TL, Swan T, Byrne J, Lacalamita M, Dunlop A, Matthews GV, Powis J, Shaw D, Thurnheer MC, Weltman M, Kronborg I, Cooper C, Feld JJ, Fraser C, Dillon JF, Read P, Gane E24, Dore GJ; SIMPLIFY Study Group.


Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines: A Comprehensive Update of Evidence and Recommendations.
Fischer B, Russell C, Sabioni P, van den Brink W, Le Foll B, Hall W, Rehm J, Room R.

“I love having benzos after my coke shot”: The use of psychotropic medication among cocaine users in downtown Montreal.
Motta-Ochoa R, Bertrand K, Arruda N, Jutras-Aswad D, Roy É.

A cluster-randomized controlled trial evaluating the effects of delaying onset of adolescent substance abuse on cognitive development and addiction following a selective, personality-targeted intervention programme: the Co-Venture trial.
O’Leary-Barrett M, Mâsse B, Pihl RO, Stewart SH, Séguin JR, Conrod PJ.

A Qualitative Study of Addiction Help-Seeking in People with Different Co-occurring Mental Disorders and Substance Use Problems.
Motta-Ochoa R, Bertrand K, Flores-Aranda J, Patenaude C, Brunelle N, Landry M, Brochu S.

A Review of CBT Treatments for Substance Use Disorders.
Morin JF G, Harris M, Conrod PJ.

Addiction Severity and Suicidal Behaviors Among Persons Entering Treatment.
Simoneau H, Ménard JM, Blanchette-Martin N.

Addiction severity index profile of persons who reenter treatment for substance use disorders.
Simoneau H, Brochu S.

Adherence to response-guided pegylated interferon and ribavirin for people who inject drugs with hepatitis C virus genotype 2/3 infection: the ACTIVATE study.
Cunningham EB, Hajarizadeh B, Dalgard O, Amin J, Hellard M, Foster GR, Bruggmann P, Conway B, Backmund M, Robaeys G, Swan T, Marks PS, Quiene S, Applegate TL, Weltman M, Shaw D, Dunlop A, Bruneau J, Midgard H, Bourgeois S, Thurnheer MC, Dore GJ, Grebely J; ACTIVATE Study Group.

Alcohol use among Inuit pregnant women: Validity of alcohol ascertainment measures over time.
Fortin M, Muckle G, Jacobson SW, Jacobson JL, Bélanger RE.

An Investigation of the Association Between Shame and Problem Gambling: The Mediating Role of Maladaptive Coping Motives.
Schlagintweit HE, Thompson K, Goldstein AL, Stewart SH.

Attentional bias toward alcohol-related stimuli in heavy drinkers: evidence from dynamic eye movement recording.
Roy-Charland A, Plamondon A, Homeniuk AS, Flesch CA, Klein RM, Stewart SH.

Blunted ventral striatal responses to anticipated rewards foreshadow problematic drug use in novelty-seeking adolescents.
Büchel C, Peters J, Banaschewski T, Bokde AL, Bromberg U, Conrod PJ, Flor H, Papadopoulos D, Garavan H, Gowland P, Heinz A, Walter H, Ittermann B, Mann K, Martinot JL, Paillère-Martinot ML, Nees F, Paus T, Pausova Z, Poustka L, Rietschel M, Robbins TW, Smolka MN, Gallinat J, Schumann G, Knutson B; IMAGEN consortium.

Cannabis and cue-induced craving in cocaine-dependent individuals: A pilot study.
Giasson-Gariépy K, Potvin S, Ghabrash M, Bruneau J, Jutras-Aswad D.

Cannabis use and psychotic-like experiences trajectories during early adolescence: the coevolution and potential mediators.
Bourque J, Afzali MH, O’Leary-Barrett M, Conrod PJ.

Changes in risk behaviours during and following treatment for hepatitis C virus infection among people who inject drugs: The ACTIVATE study.
Midgard H, Hajarizadeh B, Cunningham EB, Conway B, Backmund M, Bruggmann P, Bruneau J, Bourgeois S, Dunlop A, Foster GR, Hellard M, Robaeys G, Thurnheer MC, Weltman M, Amin J, Marks PS, Quiene S, Dore GJ, Dalgard O, Grebely J; ACTIVATE Study Group.

Cocaine/crack use is not associated with fibrosis progression measured by AST-to-Platelet Ratio Index in HIV-HCV co-infected patients: a cohort study.
Martel-Laferrière V, Nitulescu R, Cox J, Cooper C, Tyndall M, Rouleau D, Walmsley S, Wong L, Klein MB; Canadian Co-infection Cohort Study Investigators.

Contradictory advice for people who inject drugs in the 2016 EASL Recommendations on Treatment of Hepatitis C.
Grebely J, Swan T, Hickman M, Bruneau J, Bruggmann P, Dalgard O, Litwin A, Backmund M, Dore GJ; International Network for Hepatitis in Substance Users.

Cross-training to work better together with women in Quebec who use substances: care providers’ perceptions.
L’Espérance N, Bertrand K, Perreault M.

Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Among People With Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection and a History of Injecting Drug Use in New South Wales, Australia.
Fortier E, Alavi M, Bruneau J, Micallef M, Perram J, Sockalingam S, Dunlop AJ, Balcomb AC, Day CA, Treloar C, Bath N, Haber PS, Dore GJ, Grebely J; ETHOS Study Group.

Diversity in the Needs and Outcomes of Low-Threshold/High-Tolerance Methadone Maintenance Therapy Clients.
Morrison K, Brunelle C, Campbell MA, Christie T, Hildebrand J.

Do romantic partners influence each other’s heavy episodic drinking? Support for the partner influence hypothesis in a three-year longitudinal study.
Bartel SJ, Sherry SB, Molnar DS, Mushquash AR, Leonard KE, Flett GL, Stewart SH.

Drug use practices among people who inject drugs in a context of drug market changes: Challenges for optimal coverage of harm reduction programs.
Roy É, Arruda N, Leclerc P, Morissette C, Blanchette C, Blouin K, Alary M.

Early Cannabis Use Initiation at 12–14 Years Old Associated With Thinner Frontal and Temporal Cortical Thickness.
Laroque F, Bourque J, Spinney S,Sharkey R, Baker T, Dagher A, Garavan H, Leyton M, Seguin J, Pihl R, Conrod PJ.

Effectiveness of a selective alcohol prevention program targeting personality risk factors: Results of interaction analyses.
Lammers J, Goossens F, Conrod P, Engels R, Wiers RW, Kleinjan M.

Effects of prenatal alcohol exposure in a prospective sample of young adults: Mental health, substance use, and difficulties with the legal system.
Lynch MD, Kable JA, Coles CD.

Efficacy of extensive intervention models for substance use disorders: A systematic review.
Simoneau H, Kamgang E, Tremblay J, Bertrand K, Brochu S, Fleury MJ.

Efficacy of response-guided directly observed pegylated interferon and self-administered ribavirin for people who inject drugs with hepatitis C virus genotype 2/3 infection: The ACTIVATE study.
Grebely J, Dalgard O, Cunningham EB, Hajarizadeh B, Foster GR, Bruggmann P, Conway B, Backmund M, Robaeys G, Swan T, Amin J, Marks PS, Quiene S, Applegate TL, Weltman M, Shaw D, Dunlop A, Hellard M, Bruneau J, Midgard H, Bourgeois S, Staehelin C, Dore GJ; ACTIVATE Study Group.

Elimination of hepatitis C virus infection among PWID: The beginning of a new era of interferon-free DAA therapy.
Grebely J, Bruneau J, Bruggmann P, Harris M, Hickman M, Rhodes T, Treloar C; International Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users6; International Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users.

Enduring changes in brain metabolites and executive functioning in abstinent cocaine users.
Crocker CE, Purdon SE, Hanstock CC, Lakusta B, Seres P, Tibbo PG.

Estimates are not enough: scaling-up interventions to improve the health of people who inject drugs.
Prins M, Bruneau J.

Estimating the harms and costs of cannabis-attributable collisions in the Canadian provinces.
Wettlaufer A, Florica RO, Asbridge M, Beirness D, Brubacher J, Callaghan R, Fischer B, Gmel G, Imtiaz S, Mann RE, McKiernan A, Rehm J.

Examining the link between cocaine binging and individual, social and behavioral factors among street-based cocaine users.
Roy É, Arruda N, Jutras-Aswad D, Berbiche D, Perreault M, Bertrand K, Dufour M, Bruneau J.

Experiences of peer-trainers in a take-home naloxone program: Results from a qualitative study.
Marshall C, Perreault M, Archambault L, Milton D.

Exploring the psychological benefits and challenges experienced by peer-helpers participating in take-home naloxone programmes: A rapid review.
Marshall C, Piat M, Perreault M.

Geographic Differences in Temporal Incidence Trends of Hepatitis C Virus Infection Among People Who Inject Drugs: The InC3 Collaboration.
Morris MD, Shiboski S, Bruneau J, Hahn JA, Hellard M, Prins M, Cox AL, Dore G, Grebely J, Kim AY, Lauer GM, Lloyd A, Rice T, Shoukry N, Maher L, Page K; International Collaboration of Incident HIV and HCV in Injecting Cohorts (InC3).

Harm reduction in name, but not substance: a comparative analysis of current Canadian provincial and territorial policy frameworks.
Hyshka E, Anderson-Baron J, Karekezi K, Belle-Isle L, Elliott R, Pauly B, Strike C, Asbridge M, Dell C, McBride K, Hathaway A, Wild TC.

High hepatitis C incidence in relation to prescription opioid injection and poly-drug use: Assessing barriers to hepatitis C prevention.
Puzhko S, Roy É, Jutras-Aswad D, Artenie AA, Fortier E, Zang G, Bruneau J.

Initiation of Addiction Treatment and Access to Services: Young Adults’ Accounts of Their Help-Seeking Experiences.
Wagner V, Bertrand K, Flores-Aranda J, Acier D, Brunelle N, Landry M, Brochu S.

Injection Drug Use, Unemployment, and Severe Food Insecurity Among HIV-HCV Co-Infected Individuals: A Mediation Analysis.
McLinden T, Moodie E, Hamelin AM, Harper S, Walmsley S, Paradis G, Aibibula W, Klein M, Cox J.

Intentional cannabis use to reduce crack cocaine use in a Canadian setting: A longitudinal analysis.
Socías ME, Kerr T, Wood E, Dong H, Lake S, Hayashi K, DeBeck K, Jutras-Aswad D, Montaner J, Milloy MJ.

Investigation of the COMT Val158Met variant association with age of onset of psychosis, adjusting for cannabis use.
Lodhi RJ, Wang Y, Rossolatos D, MacIntyre G, Bowker A, Crocker C, Ren H, Dimitrijevic A, Bugbee DA, Loverock A, Majeau B, Sivapalan S, Newton VM, Tibbo P, Purdon SE, Aitchison KJ.

Is Personality Associated with Secondhand Harm from Drinking?
Davis MacNevin P, Thompson K, Teehan M, Stuart H, Stewart S.

Men’s and women’s response to treatment and perceptions of outcomes in a randomized controlled trial of injectable opioid assisted treatment for severe opioid use disorder.
Palis H, Marchand K, Guh D, Brissette S, Lock K, MacDonald S, Harrison S, Anis AH, Krausz M, Marsh DC, Schechter MT, Oviedo-Joekes E.

Opioid Prescribing Practices and Training Needs of Québec Family Physicians for Chronic Noncancer Pain.
Roy É, Côté RJ, Hamel D, Dubé PA, Langlois É, Labesse ME, Thibault C, Boulanger A.

Reversing the Atypical Valuation of Drug and Nondrug Rewards in Smokers Using Multimodal Neuroimaging.
Baker TE, Lesperance P, Tucholka A, Potvin S, Larcher K, Zhang Y, Jutras-Aswad D, Conrod P.

Short-term injection drug use changes following hepatitis C virus (HCV) assessment and treatment among persons who inject drugs with acute HCV infection.
Artenie AA, Zang G, Daniel M, Fortier E, Jutras-Aswad D, Puzhko S, Bruneau J.

Some PWID communities are ready for PrEP, so what’s next?
Bruneau J, Roy É, Demers N, Cox J.

The need for treatment scale-up to impact HCV transmission in people who inject drugs in Montréal, Canada: a modelling study.
Cousien A, Leclerc P, Morissette C, Bruneau J, Roy É, Tran VC, Yazdanpanah Y, Cox J.

Understanding experiences of and rationales for sharing crack-smoking equipment: A qualitative study with persons who smoke crack in Montréal.
Poliquin H, Bertrand K, Flores-Aranda J, Roy É.

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